Elizabeth & her support team

Putting your home on the market can be stressful.  We have been guiding sellers for 18 +years, myself and my listing support teams create one of the most detailed level experiences. We obsess so that you can rest easy!


Understand Why You're Selling

What do you want to accomplish with the sale of your home? The highest price, is it to sell fast? Are you planning to relocate? Upsizing or downsizing or anything in between?

We love to collaborate and learn what's most important for you. It allows us to customize a plan Best for YOU.  We talk in depth about how to accomplish your goals! 



Pricing your home is crucial! This is where extremely hyper-local knowledge of the market comes into play coupled with data and market temperament.  

We understand buyers decide within the first 8 seconds if it is the one. 

We OBSESS over market data!  We even consult w/ in office teams on pricing to grab other broker thoughts. We want your home to be received in the best light, showcased with detail and integrity. 

We always consider the overall condition of the home.  We talk about scenarios that maybe likely; we put hypothetical strategies together and most importantly try to hit your goal. 

To us, it is your expectations that we want to exceed! Delivering the most comprehensive & efficient experience is our goal. 





We take pride in working with you! 

We hope you trust our suggestions.  We do work at a higher level to create a positive buyer experience.  We even show you before and after photos. We always respect your home and with selling in today's market we want it to be Optimal; so modifying your space will benefit you in the process.

Light & bright with an open airy welcoming room doesn't take much. Just Ask Us ?   

We begin with  preparation, maybe we repurpose existing furniture and items in your home and just place them in key locations. We may re-arrange some furniture to define rooms; we edit with throws, tables, rugs, maybe wall paintings/mirrors and other items.

We stress the importance of completing any minor repairs; from fixing any minor cracks, paint touch ups, smoke detector upgrades, knobs, landscape's, new doormats, hand towels, fresh bedding and smells. It makes a big impression and often will get you a much better financial return. 

We even have professional stagers that will transform the entire home.  Just ask me about all of our options.  


Customized Marketing Plan

We love advertising your home! Here is just a glimpse below. Keep in mind if you are not comfortable with certain one's we don't do them; remember we Customize a plan for YOU!

  • Cross Functional Marketing Approach .. Hitting every angle to showcase your home both in the digital space and good old fashioned networking with phone calls, letters and personal invites!
  • Handrwitten letters go out
  • Neighborhood update sale info & Neighborhood Open Tour Dates
  • Social media campaigns to include facebook, linked in, instagram, you tube channels & on going explorations w/ new spaces
  • Weekly email's to my sphere of influence, office collaboration and agent specific for agents that have had similar homes
  • Raveis lead generation apps
  • Constant local agent-to-agent referrals
  • Digital mailers
  • Post card mailers
  • SEO advertising
  • MLS and every participating website

We offer a luxury collection; we partner with forbes, wall street journal, Christies great estates and specific platforms. We talk in depth about reaching qualified buyers. 



We use a full documented approach and fully vet each offer whether approved by a mortgage professional or if the funds are in a liquid cash account. The journey has just begun once an accepted offer is on the table. 

We are hyper-vigilant on these steps.

Every home negotiation is different. For the last few years we have been in a sellers market. So above asking offers and multiple bid situations have been common.  We have a thorough review system and welcome all bidders. Next, we package them to review each offer to land you in the best position. 

Detail, adaptability and keen intelligence has led to very successful outcomes.  


Offer Acceptance

Once we have an accepted offer, together we review the proposed contract to include the necessary components such as deposit amount, down payment, financing, inspection items, allowances, and contingencies.  When both parties have agreed to the terms we then have a final contract elicited with signatures.  I handoff the memo to our the legal professionals with detailed notes specific to the offer. The memo does consist of every participant in the transaction and their specific role. 

We take pride in "quarterbacking every detail" ensuring each party is taking all necessary steps as the offer describes. 

Playing flag football in college with a group of fine athletes "the fairladies, we won the league" our coaches taught us the importance of connection & the constant relationship between the quarterback and running backs were crucial.  So I always think back on this and how to consistently create "a smooth play time and time again". 



Steps to closing

You have accepted an offer and are now very close to the end of your selling journey. We move through the appraisals, inspections, buyer tour visits and the final walk through all to bring us to the closing table. Each one of these items is as important as the one before. Again, hyperlocal detail from me and my support team ensure a smooth closing. 

Arrangements to move out of the home must be made so the new buyer can take possession.



When you close on a home you are selling, you are legally transferring ownership of the property to the new buyer. Known as "transfer of title". 

Paperwork and the final closing documents will be routing between the buyer and seller representatives days prior.  At this time, the banks are working to fund the loans and the legal entities is itemizing title insurance, wrapping up details on the insurance items and any other deal related items. We stay involved in every movement and work closely with the team. 

Weeks ahead of closing, we provide a reminder utility list to close or transfer so nothing is left unturned.  

Congratulations on the sale of your home! 


Work With Elizabeth

With extensive experience and expertise, Elizabeth is well-equipped to navigate this complex market, negotiating with her client's best interests in mind. She holds great reverence for the successful family business, which led to her joining William Raveis.